For Carers Groups we can provide £15 per person, each year, to enable the group to have a day out together, or perhaps a Christmas meal, whatever the Group prefers to do. If any carer is unable to take part because they cannot leave the person they care for, we may be able to pay for a professional carer to come and sit with them. The organisers should write to us, telling us what they plan to do, and providing us with the names and addresses of the people attending, with brief details about the person they care for.

We are able to work with other groups who support people with long term illness or disability, and their carers. Sometimes an organisation will provide a holiday for the person who is ill, and we can then provide the cost of the carer’s holiday, so that they can go together if this is what they would like.

For Young Carers’ Groups we can provide a grant each year for a Christmas Party or visit to the Pantomime, etc. We can also help with the cost of a summer treat for those young people whose parents would not be able to afford to let them take part.

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